I don’t know what’s going on in your neck of the woods, but in my little corner of the desert, everything is on fire.  In fact, we even had a relatively small fire start at the mouth of the canyon just a mile or so from our house in the middle of the night on Saturday.  Yesterday, a mountain about 20 minutes south of us caught fire.  I think fireworks are off the table for us this year; the firefighters have already got their work cut out for them.
If, by chance, you are doing what we are doing and eating spectacular foods in lieu of fireworks, I made these fun (and free) printables for you!  Inspired by the stunning displays of large firework shows and, truthfully, even more inspired by the hero’s who serve in the military and dedicate their lives to protecting us, I designed a series of flags and a wall (or table) print with some of my favorite words from our anthems.
A special thank-you goes out to my brother, Chad, and to his sweet family, who have joined the ranks of true hero’s.  Chad serves as a Lt-Col. in the army.  (To put that in civilian terms, he’s like Tom Hanks in ‘Saving Private Ryan.’)  He has performed several tours of duty and returned home safely each time.  He is humble and would likely not consider himself any sort of special, but I’ve heard him tell of occasions that leave me speechless.  He has received awards only given in extraordinary circumstances, yet all he has ever said about it was that it “wasn’t a biggie.  Just doing my job.”  We all know that everything he has done has been a big deal.  So, thank you Chad for all that you and your family do for our country.  
Click on the links below to instantly download the files.
Let Freedom Ring Flag
Tented Food Label
In God is our Trust Print



  • Hello, are these downloads still available? When I click on the link they send me to an error page. I’d love to incorporate these into this year’s festivities :)

  • Hi Jackie,
    We got things fixed…sort of :) I had some extras, in addition to the ones pictured, but they seem to have disappeared. The good news is the ones that are pictured are available as downloads, and they should be working! Let me know if you can’t download them and I’ll just email you the files!


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