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Peony & Mountain Boho Wedding Inspiration

I love styled shoots.  Over the last few years, they have really become the thing to do in the wedding world.  They are fantastic because, for those involved, you have total creative freedom.  You can come up with a hair-brained concept and watch it come to life in the most beautiful way.  (Inside scoop: I have a whole series coming up in the next few weeks called The Makings of a Styled Shoot, where I’m going to go into detail from concept to execution to promotion of styled shoots.)

I was thrilled to be asked to design the invitation for today’s featured shoot styled by Leslie Dawn Events.  The entire team was a stellar bunch and the result is stunning.  In keeping with the earthy setting and the romantic overtones, I did some hand lettering on linen for the invitation.  Leslie wanted something simple with a focus on texture (my favorite!) and I love how it all came together so perfectly.

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Photography by Megan Robinson Photography  |  Styling & Design by Leslie Dawn Events  |  Florals by Soil & Stem  |  Invitation by Peter Loves Jane  |  Makeup and Hair by Alexis Rogers  |  Gown from Gateway Bridal  |  Cake by Le Loup Cakery  |  Hair Adornments by Danani Handmade  |  Video by Nicole Traveller Photography & Films  |  Model: Torrie Thomas  |  Location: Wasatch State Park


Bridal Pulse App Launch

A while back I told you about a really cool project I was collaborating on and now I get to share it with you! I’ve am helping to supply content to a fab new app: BridalPulse.  So all of the gorgeous weddings, styled shoots and stationery features you see here, and on other top wedding blogs, have all been gathered and are available to you for free whenever you need them!

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Golden White Wedding Inspiration

Hopefully you had a nice weekend.  We were able to escape the country and spend some time in the city.  I have a styled shoot scheduled for this coming Saturday with pretty much a celebrity wedding team.  Over the weekend, we met at the venue and ate the most incredible truffle fries that I’ve ever had.  I’m not one to ever eat more than a couple of fries, but I actually went back right before they closed and grabbed a to-go order!

This week’s inspiration board uses a gorgeous Cortana gown that we were thinking of for the shoot.  I love the earthy tones of this board taken up a notch by using gold instead of brown.  Keeping the paper simple with accents of gold is the perfect introduction to this celebration.



Cortana gown via Burnett’s Boards |  ruffle and gold leaf cake  |  grey & gold wedding invitation (unknown)  |  centerpiece by Sarah Winward via Snippet and Ink

Bright Pastels & White Geometric Party Inspiration

This fresh and youthful geometric shoot seemed the perfect way to round out the week.  The invitations by Lauren Brady of Saucy & Kitsch are fabulous.  Geometric lines are showing up all over the fashion and design worlds right now and I love seeing them softened here in this invitation design.  For all of you foodies, Culinary Crafts has really made my mouth water.  I mean, just look at that first course: Spring Sweet Pea and Pesto Risotto topped with tiny Asparagus and a Fried Quail Egg.  The mini pear & lemon cakes and thyme raspberry cream soda are the perfect ending.  Have a lovely weekend and I will see you back here on Monday with a brand new inspiration board.

geometric shoot 3geometric shoot 15geometric shoot 10geometric shoot 5geometric shoot 17geometric shoot 7geometric shoot 6geometric shoot 8geometric shoot 18geometric shoot 16geometric shoot 9geometric shoot 19geometric shoot 4

Design, Decor & Floral: Scenemakers  |  Photographer: Jessica Peterson  |  Catering/Food: Culinary Crafts  |  Invitation Suite and Paper Goods: Saucy & Kitsch for The Write Image  |  Venue: The Tasting Room  |  Dress & Jewelry: Alta Moda  |  Hair & Makeup: Soula Christopulos  |  Model: Michelle Christensen  |  China, Place Settings & Glassware: Diamond Rentals

Take Note // 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Designer


I’ve been a designer for a long time.  I’m not one of those girls who “designed her own wedding invitation” and then “fell in love with the process” and “decided to start her own invitation business.”  I actually hired a professional designer to do my invitations.  And, guess what?  They are the one thing from my wedding that I still love.  The only thing.  Besides my husband, of course, he’s even more fabulous today than he was way back then.

My point, though, is that even though I was a budding designer and had a good eye for what worked, I knew a seasoned professional would turn out a better end result – with less headache – than I could.  Sure, it costs more to hire a designer, but the benefit for me was far greater than the cost.

So, what exactly are you paying for when you hire a professional designer?


First and foremost you get experience and expertise.  A good designer knows what is current and fresh and they understand solid design principles that will stand the test of time plus they know how to combine the two.  They will help guide your ideas and turn them into a beautiful piece that is both current and timeless.

Expertise and experience are things gained over time and through patient practice.  When you hire a professional, you are paying for the time they’ve spent acquiring their expertise.  Perhaps they can come up with the perfect design for you in a matter of minutes, which leaves you wondering why you paid them so much for so little time.  The reason they were able to whip out a perfect design so quickly is because they are seasoned professionals.  You’re paying for their knowledge and abilities perhaps even more than you are paying for their time.

Professional Fonts
A professional will have a library of professional grade fonts.  Designers generally don’t use free fonts in their professional work.  There is a significant difference between free fonts and for sale fonts; differences that the average person will not be able to distinguish, other than, for some reason, one font will just look and feel a whole lot better.  A designer knows and understands these differences and they are able to put them to use.

Often designers have a handful of fonts that they use more than others because they are well designed, function well and appeal to the designer’s aesthetic.   This, too, is a skill that has been developed over years of education and practice.


Smooth Waters
Designers have relationships with printers, suppliers, calligraphists, illustrators and other designers that they have spent years cultivating.  They have the ability to handle special circumstances (like get free rush services) and correct mistakes without you even being aware there was ever a problem.  They have the ability to make things feel seamless to you when, in reality, there was a lot more going on under the water, so to speak.

Let’s say you decided to design your invitations yourself and you found the perfect envelope (it happens) and designed your entire suite around that envelope.  However, when you went to actually order the envelopes, they were out of stock.  Now you’re stuck because that envelope was the crux of your suite.  You now either have to start over, change your colors or pick a lesser quality substitute.  When this happens to a professional, they have many resources to call on.  Because of their professional relationships they have access to a much deeper pool of products than the average consumer and can likely track down your envelopes.

Better Quality
Along those same lines, a professional often has access to higher quality products (paper, envelopes, etc.) than a non-professional.  Plus (and this is a big one) a pro knows how these products react together and which ones relate well.  Why spend the money on luxurious paper only to send it off in a wafer thin envelope?  A designer knows their brands and the texture of every piece they recommend and, therefore, can make suggestions to you based on their experience.  Ultimately, of course, it comes down to the client’s choice, but as the client, wouldn’t you rather know what you are getting rather than being surprised at the last minute?


Stress-free Time for Yourself
The final thing you are paying for by hiring a professional is more time for yourself.  By not having to worry about the little things, like: escort cards, place cards, menus, programs, favor tags, welcome bags, table numbers, thank you cards (and the rest of the list) you are able to give attention to your fiancé and your family and yourself.  You can spend time reading or running or getting your nails done because all the behind the scenes work is being done for you.

Designers also work closely with your wedding planner.  They talk back and forth and figure out the appropriate sizing of your day of items, ensuring that every detail is tended to.  They coordinate delivery and set up schedules so you can just show up and enjoy your pretty day.


So, those are my top 5 benefits of hiring a professional designer.  Worth it?  I think so.  Stay tuned for next week’s topic of what you should know before hiring a designer.

Photography by Sami Jo Photography  |  Florals by Merit and Vine  |  Invite and styling by me  |  See the full shoot here