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Tea Towel Heaven

POSTED BY: nikkol ON January 24, 2013 | POSTED IN: Stationery | Post A Comment

Today marks the third birthday of the Original Wedding Tea Towel and we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate with them!  Last year we became so enamored with the fabulous designs, that we partnered with Karen to make her tea towels available outside of the United Kingdom.  Based on the number of orders and inquiries we receive, we know that this is a great thing for all of us!

We offer three Original Wedding Tea Towel classic designs as standard options.  If you prefer a different design (there are lots!)….Karen, being the delightful person she is, will customize any design for a small price, just ask!

Join us in wishing Original Wedding Tea Towels success and joy as they reach this milestone – and enjoy their charming designs with pretty pictures courtesy of Binky Nixon!


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